• Role Modeling Empowerment


    We are roles models for our daughters…we lead by example. An empowered woman doesn’t need validation by posting selfies. Lets spend time cultivating and building our relationships by being present.

  • Being an Active Participant in Life


    Lauren speaks of the absolute necessity for every female engage in hobbies to live a more fulfilled life, and be the best role models we can be.

  • Create Your Own Roadmap with Guest Donna Korren


    Lauren interviews Donna Korren the founder of Empty Quester and they discuss how it’s never too late to define, or re-define who and what you are.

  • Breaking the Biological Clock with Guest Dr. Tomer Singer


    On this powerful episode of Empowered with Lauren, Dr. Tomer Singer, one of the leading experts in reproductive medicine, infertility and egg freezing and the medical director of SGF New York educates our listeners on the groundbreaking topic of breaking the biological clock.

  • Ring in the New Year and new decade with powerful fitness and lifestyle tips


    On this episode of Empowered with Lauren we ring in the New Year and new decade with some powerful fitness and lifestyle tips. Our host Lauren, a celebrity fitness expert with over 25 years of experience keeps it real by breaking both fitness and diet myths. Lauren gives 10 practical tips to set you up for success to sustain your fitness regimen and get you ready to kick ass making 2020 your HOTTEST YEAR EVER!

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