School Speaker / Empowerment Workshops

“This was one of the most powerful and motivating presentations I have seen in my 15 years of teaching!

Lauren Brenner is one of a kind!”

Jaime Roche
Island Trees Middle School, Wantagh, NY

School Presentation Topics

  • Bullying / Cyber Bullying


    Defining and preventing all forms of bullying. Reasons students feel the need to bully and how to break the cycle.



    Building relationships and connections through experiences.

  • Self-Validation Finding your fire;


    Creating your own storyline and the need for hobbies.

  • Reality vs. Perception


    Breaking FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and the importance of being present. Social media and the impact it has on self-esteem and confidence.

Lauren cultivates an energy of excitement in every one of her assembly presentations. In this forum, Lauren encourages each child/teen to have a voice and gives them the tools for them to make smart decisions while embracing their individuality. Lauren emphasizes the POWER of being PRESENT and how to cultivate real relationships and connections by experiences. A common thread in one of Lauren’s assembly presentations is teaching all to live by the Golden Rule…treating others the way you want to be treated. Lauren emphasizes the absolute need and importance of having hobbies and aides each child/teen to do some soul-searching to identify what that hobby could be. One of Lauren‘s main goals is for that each child/teen is an active participant in their own life as well as being contributing member of society.

“Lauren came in to speak at William L. Buck School in Valley Stream. She was extremely energetic and knowledgeable. She was great with the students and made the presentation interactive and relevant to our sixth graders. Unfortunately, bullying is an issue that many students are faced with and Lauren was empathic toward the needs of all the students.

Thank you for taking your time to work with us!”

Jacqueline Roth
William L. Buck School, Valley Stream, NY

Female Empowerment Workshops

  • Being Your Own Best Friend


    Finding a healthy love and respect for yourself...BEING COMFORTABLE IN YOUR OWN SKIN

  • Safe & Smart / Prevention & Accountability


    The must knows for every girl going to college and or living on college campus.

  • Breaking Fitness & Diet Myths


    Defining what makes you feel beautiful, powerful and owning it. Physical activity and self-esteem. Correlation between girls on sports teams and being successful and confident in the workforce.

  • Girls Standing for Girls; Women Standing for Women


    This sets the stage for a society of confident females empowering themselves while empowering others.

Our teenage girls and young women are inundated with mixed messages of what it means to be confident. They are struggling every day with who they are and what they are supposed to be like, feel like and act like. There is a huge breakdown between reality and perception fueled by social media. Lauren‘s empowerment workshops work with these every day issues that these young girls face and she gives them the tools to navigate through these pressures.
Lauren cultivates a safe trusting environment where each teen girl/young woman can be open and honest without judgment and or fear. Lauren’s empowerment workshops focus on the need to be present as she guides the girls through the difference between perception and reality. These workshops can be done in a series covering multiple topics with a follow up and or can be designed as a one off for a specific issue or an event. A fulfilled teenage girl will be a happier adjusted girl who smiles and embraces life. This confident girl flourishes into a strong powerful woman…She is a FORCE..she is EMPOWERED!

“Lauren is a dynamic speaker.  Our Girl Scout troop learned so much from her workshop on balancing school, sports and the pressures of everyday life.  She encouraged our troop to speak up, connect and support one another each day.  We so enjoyed having her join us!

Thank you Lauren!”

Lorraine DiFiglia
Group Leader of Girl Scouts, East Norwich, NY

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